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Hiring a Realtor

Hiring an Eagle Mountain Utah Realtor

Are you thinking of hiring a Realtor in Eagle Mountain Utah? There is a saying in the real estate industry which says “as much as 80% of real estate business is done by only 20% of the real estate agents”.  This holds true for most real estate markets including the Eagle Mountain market.

Picking out the first name that you see in a real estate agent listing might not work well for you because not all real estate agents are the same.  Picking the Realtor with the most sales, the most money, or the biggest real estate firm might not be the right choice either. Be selective and find a personal, kind Realtor that will take the time to listen to your needs. If a Realtor is too busy don’t work with them. Find someone that will give you the attention you deserve. Find a Realtor that really knows the real estate market in Eagle Mountain, UT. Consider hiring Paul Teasdale with Team Teasdale Realty.  Paul has been selling homes in Eagle Mountain since it’s beginning in the late 90′s.

hiring a realtor

Real Estate Agents in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Not all real estate agents are Realtors.  Realtors adhere to a strict code of ethics which guide them on the different standards of practice in the real estate industry.  Realtors are also members of the National Association of Realtors which allow them to display and use the Realtor logo.  Less than half of real estate agents are Realtors across the USA. Consider hiring a professional Realtor when hiring a Realtor in Eagle Mountain, Utah. Most the real estate agents in Utah County are Realtors.

Referrals for Realtors in Eagle Mountain, Utah

The best Realtors are usually identified by the number of referrals that they get from their previous clients.  If you want to find a good one, the best thing to do is ask your friends in Eagle Mountain, UT about real estate agents they like.

Most people will gladly tell you any bad experiences which they may have had and warn you to stay away from certain Realtors. If the Realtors you are referred to in Eagle Mountain do not specialize in what you need, you can ask a referral from them as well. Ask lots of questions before hiring a Realtor in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

Search Online for Properties in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Once you have several agents referred to you by your friends in Eagle Mountain, Utah, you can start checking them out online.  These agents are probably listed on the various real estate agent listings that abound on the internet.  Check the ratings given and read the feedback posted by previous clients.  You should be able to find reviews and ratings on  them and their brokerage in Google.

Open Houses in Eagle Mountain, Utah

If you are planning to sell your home in Eagle Mountain Utah, a good way to find a real estate agent to use is by going to open houses.  This way, you can see the agent in action and you will be able to easily gauge whether or not you should pursue getting him to represent you.

If you are planning to hire a Realtor in Eagle Mountain, just call Team Teasdale Realty. Paul Teasdale has been selling homes in Utah County since 1995. If you are hiring a Realtor in Eagle Mountain, Utah consider hiring Paul Teasdale.

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Hire a Realtor in Eagle Mountain, Utah



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